Monday, February 27, 2012

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Happy Birthday to rivernorthLove and rnlmusings!
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Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zhang Ziyi Inspired Princess Pink Glitter Nail Tutorial

I adore this outfit Zhang Ziyi wore for her New Year Gala performance in 2008.  Inspired by her lovely ensemble, here is my princess pink glitter nail tutorial...
Base and top coat: ULTA salon formular nail lacquer (clear)
Base color: Essie (not just a pretty face)
Pink Tip: L’oreal Paris nail polish (amazon's flare)
Sparkle Pink: Anna Sui nail color N (307)
Glitter: Essie luxeffects (set in stones)

Clean, file and smooth nails
Apply a clear base, or simply apply base color directly, wait for dry
Apply a thin layer of rich pink color to top 1/3 of each nail at the tip.  Use nail polish brush directly or use a makeup sponge to help distribute color evenly, wait for dry
Apply a sparkle light pink coat to top 1/2 of each nail at the tip.  There’s no need to be perfect, take time and blend the colors, so you get a gradual light to dark color transition, wait for dry
Apply bold sparkle/glitter to top 1/4 of each nail at the tip.  Be creative and have fun, wait for dry
Apply clear top coat all over nails, wait for dry
VoilĂ , we've got beautiful princess pink glitter nails!

Stay lovely,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beauty Haul. Japanese Eye Makeup Edition. Product Reviews

I recently stopped by my local Japanese market and picked up a few items which I have been wanting to try.  I adore an innocent natural look, which enhances facial features yet not too over powering.  So when I purchase makeups, I keep in mind to always choose items that will create a glowing dewy flawless effect. 

D.U.P Eyelashes Aiku Maikawa Model's Selection #912
I picked these falsies, because the length is very natural and they come with a clear base strip.  They are very soft and flexible, easy to wear, give volume and definition, with the perfect sweet and natural finish.  Product comes with two pairs of lashes and a glue tube.

SANA New Born Styling W Eyebrow Mascara and Pencil SB1 Grayish Brown
What I love about this product is it comes as one side eyebrow pencil and other side eyebrow mascara.  The pencil side is very thin, which gives precision and hair like strokes.  Brush side is soft and great for blending in and shaping the brows in place.  The color is very natural and soft.  Remember to scrape excess mascara from brush before applying if needed.

Koji Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Black Water Proof
This mascara has been praised and loved by many beauty bloggers out there.  I find the mascara really leaves your lashes curled with volume all day long!  What I love about the product is the brush head, which is thinner on the tip, making it easy to apply mascara to corners and hard to reach baby lashes.  The mascara is fast drying, no smudge, no clumps, gives a true dolly finish.  Product comes with picture instruction on how to apply the mascara.  My new go-to mascara! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day DIY - Origami Paper Heart Bookmark

It is the most romantic holiday of the year again ◕ ‿ ◕

I made this super cute origami paper heart bookmark this year, clip them on books, diary or notebooks.  DIY yours following the instruction below...  Include this heart as a sweet little gift for your loved ones, and let smile fill their faces and hearts!  They will be reminded that someone cares. 
 Happy Valentine's Day to all my loved ones ❤

Remember, ture love gives without expecting in return. 


Monday, February 6, 2012

Jason Wu Spring Summer Collection 2012 Inspiration

The cold winter is finally over and we are anxious for the hot new spring fashion trend! I fell in love with Jason Wu's Spring Summer 2012 collection almost immediately as I have laid my eyes on it.
Here are some of my favorites...

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